The Best Treatments For Window Seats

  The small corners of our homes can sometimes go unnoticed, or it’s the last project on the list as finding a window treatment for unique spaces can be difficult. If your home has a cozy window nook perfect for reading and relaxing, but it’s in need of a final touch, it might be time […]

The Best Window Treatments for Your Home Office

  Home offices have become the norm for many of us, whether that means a dedicated room, or a spot in your home that you can call your office. Our team wants to ensure that wherever you are working from in your home is comfortable, well-lit and relaxing, so you can stay focused and productive. […]

3 Window Treatments for Patio & Sliding Glass Doors

  With warmer weather getting closer and closer, our team of experts want to help you create a comfortable living space that compliments longer days, direct sunlight, and those warm summer winds. Your home’s patio or sliding glass doors are the extension to your outdoor living space, so selecting the perfect treatment for your home […]

Best Options for Kitchen Window Treatments

  Deciding on kitchen window treatments involves more than meets the eye. Taking into consideration privacy preferences, where your kitchen is located in your home and privacy are all big factors when choosing the perfect window treatments. Our team of experts have created a selection of the very best treatments for any kitchen, depending on […]