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Are you having trouble deciding between light filtering and blackout window treatments? We’re here to assist you! Fortunately, each of these window coverings serves a different purpose, so concentrating on the function of each room will help you find the perfect fit for your windows.

Our experts have created a guide that covers all aspects of light filtering and blackout window coverings to help you choose the appropriate fit that meets all of your needs, whether it’s aesthetics, practicality, or personal style. But first, let’s look at the dangers of unfiltered light and why you should stay away from it.


The effects of unfiltered Light

There are various negative repercussions of exposing your home to direct, unfiltered light. Long-term exposure to sunshine wreaks havoc on your home’s furniture and carpets. UV rays damage furniture, carpets, and even artwork, causing yellowing, discoloration, fading, and warping. On top of that, the unwanted glare during the day might be bothersome and make it difficult to see the computer or television screen.

During the summer months, unfiltered light may quickly heat up your home, increasing your need for artificial cooling devices and, as a result, raising your energy expenditures. For all of these reasons, it’s important to use light filtering or blackout window coverings to reduce or eliminate light exposure. The only question now is; which of these is best suited for your living area? Let’s have a look!


Light Filtering vs. Blackout Effect – what is the difference?

Light filtering lets diffused light to enter your house, creating a lovely warm glow that has the ability to instantly uplift any space. Filtered light can gradually improve your home décor, enhancing its features and furniture, regardless of the architectural and interior style of your house. It also provides the ideal backdrop for work or play, making it suitable for use in both residential and business settings, as well as children’s playrooms.

However, depending on the material of the window treatment, light filtering only provides a small amount of seclusion. Blackout window coverings are the finest choice for maximum privacy and light blocking. They also save energy and money by insulating the space against the elements.

To help you find the proper fit, below are the benefits and drawbacks of light filtering blinds, light filtering shades, and blackout shades.


Your light filtering options – Blinds versus Shades

Light filtering blinds are often made of sheer or thin textiles that allow diffused light while still providing modest light and privacy control. Light can also pass through the little gaps between the slats. Light filtering shades on the other hand, enable diffused light to enter, creating a pleasant, warm glow. They also minimise glare, making it easier to see the computer and TV screen and boosting your comfort. When drawn down, light filtering curtains can fully obscure outside sight.


Blackout Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades Fabric: Brunswich Color: Angora


Consider combining light filtering shades with drapes or curtains for more privacy and light control. When draperies are closed, you may enjoy complete seclusion and a blackout effect, but when they are opened, you can enjoy wonderfully filtered light but with less privacy.


Your blackout treatment options

Blackout shades give a wonderful room darkening effect as well as total seclusion, making them an excellent choice for bedrooms and nurseries. They allow for pleasant sleep at any time of day or night. They’re also great for home cinema rooms, as they fully block out light to improve your home viewing experience. But the advantages and conveniences don’t stop there! Blackout shades also protect your furnishings from dangerous UV rays, making them an excellent choice for rooms with precious artwork, furniture, or rugs.

Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb Shades LightLock™ Fabric: Elan®  Color: Black Onyx


When closed, however, they restrict outside sight. You can simply solve this problem by lifting the blinds anytime you wish to enjoy the outside and let in some light.

Consider blackout drapery panels, which come in a beautiful assortment and instantly assist to upgrade your living area. Are you ready to have a restful night’s sleep and an entertaining home watching experience thanks to these panels or shades?


Making your choice

Sun Shades provides the appropriate fit for your home space, no matter what your light and privacy control needs are. Almost all of our window coverings come in a variety of opacities, making it simple to pick one that meets your light control and privacy needs. Additionally, many of our window coverings may be bought with blackout liners, making it simple to get the desired blackout effect! We also have a beautiful selection of materials, colours, patterns, and textures to meet your stylistic requirements.

But don’t worry if the sheer number of choices makes picking the proper window covering difficult. Simply arrange a complimentary in-home design appointment with one of your local style experts for expert advice. They would be delighted to assess your needs and ensure that your windows are installed with the appropriate window treatment that fulfils both your functional and aesthetic needs. So, is it going to be room darkening, light filtering, or a combination of the two?



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