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Kickstart Your Summer with Outdoor Shading & See The Benefits!

Outdoor Casabox awning extending out from house

The warm and sunny days of summer are finally here, beckoning us to spend more time outdoors. Whether you have a spacious backyard, a cozy patio, or a sprawling deck, maximizing your outdoor living space is essential for soaking up the summer vibes. To help you make the most of the season, our outdoor shading […]

Awnings vs. Pergola: What’s the Difference?

  When it comes to enhancing functionality, aesthetic appeal and adding shading to your backyard deck, one of the most popular options is adding an overhead structure. Awnings and pergolas are two common choices, but deciding which one is better suited to your needs can be a challenging task. In this blog post, we’ll compare […]

Outdoor Shading Options For Spring & Summer

Altex Outdoor Shades image with outdoor furniture to create indoor-outdoor living

  As the weather warms up for Spring and Summer seasons, wanting to spend time outdoors becomes more desirable. However, spending extended periods of time can lead you to look at your exterior design and outdoor shading. This is where Sun Shades outdoor shading comes in.     There are several ways to provide outdoor […]

How Outdoor Shading Offer More Light Protection Inside

  Summer is right around the corner, and that means longer days, warmer weather, and direct sunlight! Ensuring your home has the proper indoor window treatments is a great way to conserve energy and maintain heat in the summer, but there is a way to add additional sunlight protection. Outdoor Shading can not only add […]


VENTOSOL VENTOSOL stands for modern and solid shading for facades and has a wide range of uses. The SIR System (Soft Integrated Retaining System), which works like a zip, guarantees maximum stability of the internal fabric guidance system. VENTOSOL awnings withstands strong winds (75 mph*). ROUND OR SQUARE DESIGN Round or square box designs are […]


ASTANO Atrium shading from STOBAG creates a personal oasis of well-being and, thanks to the refined construction, uses the free spaces between existing structures. Installation between buildings or on existing structures enables effective use of the available space and creates not only new living space in a confined area, but also a visual feature thanks […]


BAVONA | MELANO Elegant terrace pavilion with modular roof system and convenient expansion options. From spring to autumn, the new Outdoor Living Pavilion creates a natural living space on the terrace or in the garden. Relax in the fresh air and enjoy the comfort of reliable sun and weather protection and experience the interplay of […]


PERGOLINO Make your terrace into a very private holiday haven! With a pergola or terrace awning from STOBAG you are not only protected from damaging UV radiation, the sun’s heat, and rain, but you can also add a Mediterranean flair to your terrace – ideal for relaxation and enjoyment! The horizontal shading provides optimal protection […]


AIROMATIC | TARGA As exterior sun protection, the STOBAG conservatory shading provides the perfect room climate on conservatories, glass roofs, skylights and roof windows. Their compact dimensions make these shading systems especially suitable not only for small but also for large areas. The elegant box is self-supported and, as all the other profiles and cast […]


  Elegantly housed sun protection for small to very large areas of shade. STOBAG cassette awnings provide convenient sun protection out of a secure box. When the awning is rolled up the elegant and corrosion-resistant aluminum box effectively protects the cover and the mechanical components against environmental influences as well as rain, snow, storms, and dirt. […]


The starter awning which offers you reliable protection from the sun. An optional cover board protects the awning from the elements when retracted. The compact STOBAG awnings were designed for overall protection of terraces and patios in private homes or restaurants. The variable fixing options allow the equipment to be securely fitted to the wall, […]

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