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You will almost always find an oddly shaped window in most homes, a small bathroom window, skylights, bay windows, hallway inserts, and more. Windows are essential to brighten and ventilate a room, and finding a suitable window treatment for that tricky window may be difficult. At Sun Shades we have a perfect solution for you! Custom-built blinds to suit your windows no matter the shape. 

Our Decorators spend the time to go through different products and fabrics with the right advice, taste, and budget for our customers. Our expertise and continuously growing knowledge in the industry are very helpful for your unique window shapes.


Sheers and Shadings


When you are fitting a tricky window shape with window treatments, it’s important to think about the amount of light you would like to shine through or how much privacy you need. This is why sheers and shades are a great choice. Silhouettes fill your room with light and suspend between two sheers with the ability to tilt the shades to maintain your privacy, a style which would be great for a living room, halfway, or large bay windows. Pirouette window shades have soft adjustable fabric vanes attached to one sheer backing. This option allows for colour and fabric customization so that your window treatment can go hand in hand with the decor of your room. Luminette softly diffuses sunlight with rotating fabric vanes.





Do you have skylights or angled windows in your home? These windows are usually out of regular reach and up high so they are left abandoned at times. Honeycomb shades are the perfect solution for tricky window shapes and you can motorize them for extra ease. No more standing on chairs or jumping up! Duette Honeycomb shades are not only a useful window treatment, but they are the original energy-efficient shade that insulates your home all year round. This helps lower your energy bills and consumption. At Sun Shades, we are currently running our ENERGY SMART STYLE EVENT until April 10th, 2023. This promotion will give you a $200 rebate on our Duette Honeycomb shades. Learn more about our promotion here.




Shutters are fantastic for small, large, long, and wide windows. Think about accordion-style glass doors, narrow basement windows, and light pockets above your main windows. Our shutters are guaranteed to never warp, crack, fade, chip, peel or discolour regardless of the conditions they are in. Get custom-made shutters exactly how you want them. Get a free quote today! 



Unusual and tricky windows are beautiful to look at from the outside but now they can be beautiful to look at from the inside with your custom window treatments. Get the most out of yours with our Energy Smart Style Event. 


Call us today to talk to our team of designers and get your tricky window journey started! 


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