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Explore the VENTOSOL options from STOBAG and add a soft touch to your outdoor spaces. With high-tech materials, your vertical awnings or outdoor patio shades can offer full, partial, or light sun and heat protection depending on your needs.

Explore the PERGOLINO and MELANO options from STOBAG and add UV protection, along with wind and rain resistance so you can enjoy your space whenever you’d like. This is how you transform your outdoor living into a true escape.

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Explore the BAVONA and MELANO options from STOBAG and add a modern touch to your outdoor living spaces. With advanced air circulation features, and full to partial sun and weather protection, you can unwind whenever you’d like.

Explore the CASABOX, CAMABOX, and TENDABOX options from STOBAG and add shade to any outdoor space, large or small. With a discreet system that will keep your awnings protected year-round, box awnings are a great choice for most outdoor spaces.

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