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Cleaning your windows treatments can be a time-consuming project, but it’s important to make time to maintain your blinds and shutters so your investment will last a long time! The best way to clean your treatments will depend on the type of material, so our team of experts have some tips that will help keep your shutters and blinds looking brand new.


Aluminum, Vinyl and Faux Wood

If you have alternative material blinds or shutters, they are generally a little easier to maintain. To keep them looking fresh, close them completely and extend them out as far as they will go. You can then use a duster or cloth on each slat to get rid of any surface dust. Once the first side is completed, rotate your slats so you can now access the underneath and repeat.


window blinds in sitting room


To ensure you have really cleared your blinds of any lingering dust, grab a sock, and place it over your hand so you can gently run your hand across each slat, grabbing anything that may have been left after your first step. If you really want to ensure less dust build-up, grab an unused dryer sheet. Running it across your blinds or shutters is the best way to prevent dust!

Sun Shades Tip: If dusting isn’t for you, you can place a brush attachment to the end of your vacuum and go over each side of your slats. Once you are finished, you can wipe your shutters or blinds down with a dryer sheet or anti-static dust product to make your next cleaning a little easier.


Real Wood

If your shutters and blinds are real wood, or a premium material, the cleaning process can be meticulous. When taking care of your real wood treatments, it’s important to note, they cannot get wet. Be sure to use a gentle wood polish or lemon oil in order to keep the integrity of the wood intact.


Wood blinds on windows and patio doors


Grab a microfiber towel and lightly spray your furniture polish or other treatment onto the cloth itself, and wipe the top, bottom, and side of each slat. This will pick up any dust and build up on your blinds or shutters and keep the wood healthy.

Sun Shades Tip: If your wood window treatments have a stain, or there is an area that requires extra care, use a mild detergent in room-temperature water and a clean cotton cloth directly on the stain. Be sure to rinse with clear water and dry immediately so the water does not absorb into the grain.


Aluminum, Vinyl and Composite Exterior Treatments

It can be easy to forget, but if you have exterior treatments, keeping them clean can extend their life! As exterior treatments are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, cleaning them can be fairly easy. Start by brushing any loose dirt or debris off your shutters before washing. Then, using soapy water and a mop and give each slat a generous scrub, depending on the level of build-up.

Be sure to rinse your shutters right away, as you don’t want the soap from the water to dry and leave a residue on your treatments. Finish them off with a dry microfiber mop or a cloth.

Sun Shades Tip: If you have multiple exterior treatments, or a 2-storey house that requires a lot of attention, consider using a power-washer, or call in some experts to give your treatments a refresh.


Taking the time to clean and maintain your window treatments can make your entire home feel fresh and new, and will extend the life of your investment. If your window treatments are past a good clean, and you are ready to upgrade, our team of experts are here to help! Contact us here for a free quote and we can assist you in finding the perfect treatments for any space in your home.





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