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Window blinds are great for controlling privacy, light, and temperature, but they’re also great for giving your home a little more flare. Choosing the right blinds’ colour is an important stage in the buying process.


The Essential Colours for Window Treatments


Whenever we discuss blind colours, we frequently refer to the shade that will be seen from the inside of your house. However, if you have windows that face the street, your blinds will also affect how your house looks from the outside.

Numerous sets of white or off-white blinds will often assist homeowners achieve a consistent appearance on the home’s façade. It’s recommended that you pick a colour that looks good on both sides because classic blinds are virtually reversible—whether they’re tilted, opened, or closed, the same colour displays inside and outside.

Remember that it’s not always enough to consider the inside of your home when choosing your perfect blind colour. If you want to install blinds in your living rooms and front rooms, you need also take into account the exterior of your house. Window shades may be a better choice if you need to have a different colour inside than outside because they are typically easier to change for both the inside and outside.


What Your Choices Are


When looking for window coverings by colour, it’s also important to keep in mind that the material may limit the range of colours that are available. For instance, wooden blinds are frequently stained to give them a more natural appearance. To complement your hardwood or woodwork, you can select wood blinds stained in a cherry, oak, maple, or mahogany finish. We also provide white wooden blinds that may be painted in a variety of white and cream tones for a crisp, clean appearance.

Similar to genuine wood, fake wood blinds may be coloured in a variety of classic wood tones and have distinctive textures that closely resemble real wood. You might wonder why someone would like imitation wood over genuine wood. They are ideal for individuals who want the wood look but are on a budget since, among other things, they are less expensive. Faux wood blinds are also more moisture- and swell-resistant than real wood, which helps them work better in humid environments.


Everwood Alternative Wood Blinds  Everwood Alternative Wood Blinds  Color: Almondine


Provenance® Woven Wood ShadesProvenance® Woven Wood Shades


Where Does Light Control Come In?

Don’t discount blinds if your main objective is to darken a room for better sleep, to prevent furniture from fading, or to improve house insulation. Room-darkening blinds are available in a variety of unusual hues to go with your individual interior design. Our collection includes designs constructed of imitation wood, PVC, and other materials that, when closed, do a great job of filtering out the bulk of natural light. In other words, you can adjust light without using dark shades or black-out drapes.


Custom DraperyCustom Drapery


Finishing Elements


You will be well on your way to a well-designed living area, bedroom, office, or sunroom with no compromises if you follow all of these fantastic ideas and tactics. You can depend on great rates, no-cost samples, and first-rate customer service when you work with Sun Shades to create bespoke blinds.

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